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We are a small show Kennel located in Reno Nevada.  Our dogs live in the house and are much loved members of the family first, secondly they are show dogs.  We are dedicated to the health and integrity of the breed.  Our goal is to maintain the Shiba Inu as originally intended in Japan.  We are proud of our dogs at home and in the show ring.

Our mystery guest/Copper

by Glenna Elrod on 01/22/13

Little City Shibas has a guest visiting us soon for a surprise litter.  There should be some nice show and pet puppies available for sale from this litter.  Our Guest will be bred during her next season likely the end of March or early April.

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1. Jacqueline said on 3/5/13 - 12:06PM
How exciting!
2. Iris said on 4/16/13 - 09:43PM
How much are puppies?
3. Little City Shibas said on 4/17/13 - 05:23AM
Our companion puppies are $1500.00. It is likely that this litter is sold but we should have a couple of litters coming up in the fall.
4. jason shuntawana said on 5/3/13 - 01:39AM
I would love to have one! I am moving into a house at the end of May. I would love to inquire on the next available litter!
5. Little City Shibas said on 5/10/13 - 07:03AM
Patty the mother of our special surprise litter will likely give birth to her puppies today or tomorrow. Wish her luck.
6. Kristy Tandy said on 5/25/13 - 08:50PM
Hi! We're the puppies born? Any chance you will have a pet quality puppy available from this litter? We're looking to get a family dog and have our hearts set on a Shiba. We're located in Vegas but I grew up in Gardnerville/Minder and then Reno so I saw you were located there.
7. Glenna said on 10/25/13 - 09:59AM
The puppies were born and are now 5 months old. All of the puppies were presold. We kept one puppy watch for news about our newest show dog Mikki. We still need to get her info onto the website.

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