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We are a small show Kennel located in Reno Nevada.  Our dogs live in the house and are much loved members of the family first, secondly they are show dogs.  We are dedicated to the health and integrity of the breed.  Our goal is to maintain the Shiba Inu as originally intended in Japan.  We are proud of our dogs at home and in the show ring.

Rosie X Nichi

by Glenna Elrod on 01/22/13

Our mating of Rosie and Nichi failed this past season.  We are hoping once again for the litter that dreams are made of.  We should be attempting it again in March 2013.  We will be keeping all of the puppies from this litter a bit longer than normal.  However there could be a few puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months available in the months following their birth.  We may also consider a co-ownership of a nice show puppy.

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1. Little City Shibas said on 5/10/13 - 07:01AM
Maybe 3rd times the charm so we try this breeding again in the fall.
2. Glenna said on 10/25/13 - 10:00AM
This time we have had success the Rosie Nichi puppies are due the beginning of November.

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